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Category Archives: Mobile

The Value Of Mobile To Business

The rise of the smartphone has had a dramatic impact on the way business is carried out. Mobile searchers now make a range of decisions using their phones. These decisions result in phone calls to business, app downloads or a visit to a physical store. In fact, a recent study by Google and Nielsen has […]

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Policies For Adwords Call Extensions

With the advent of Enhanced Campaigns, it seems that the only way advertisers will be able to display a phone number with their ad text is by using Call Extensions. If you haven’t done so already, now may be a good time to familiarise your self with the Call Extension policies given below. The current […]

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Mobile Conversions Study

A recent study carried out by Google working in conjunction with Nielsen has found that more than half the conversions that result from mobile searches occur within one hour. During the study people were asked to use a special mobile app to record their mobile searches over two weeks. More than 6000 searches were recorded […]

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