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Mobile Conversions Study

A recent study carried out by Google working in conjunction with Nielsen has found that more than half the conversions that result from mobile searches occur within one hour.

During the study people were asked to use a special mobile app to record their mobile searches over two weeks. More than 6000 searches were recorded allowing researches to identify a number of key factors relating mobile searches and eventual conversions.

Firstly, it was found that contrary to the belief that mobile devices were only used on the move, they were actually being used in a far wider range of situations. This was attributed to the ability of mobile platforms to access information quickly and conveniently. Most mobile searches were either conducted at home or at work.

Secondly, it was discovered that after around three or four mobile searches, additional actions such as a purchase or a call were highly likely. It was also found that these additional actions took place soon after the initial search hence the one hour mobile conversion statistic quoted at the beginning of this post. It is believed that mobile searchers are more inclined to act quickly because they are closer to key decision making moments (nearly half of all mobile searches were carried to make final decisions).

A third crucial finding highlighted the fact that mobile searches are contextual, depending on parameters such as time and location. For example, mobile shopping related searches are most likely to be conducted within a physical store location.

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