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Policies For Adwords Call Extensions

With the advent of Enhanced Campaigns, it seems that the only way advertisers will be able to display a phone number with their ad text is by using Call Extensions. If you haven’t done so already, now may be a good time to familiarise your self with the Call Extension policies given below.

The current policies are:

Phone numbers must be accurate: Link text must be 35 characters or less. For double width charachters the link text limit is 17 charachters.

Fax numbers are not allowed.

Only use domestic phone numbers: Phone numbers must be applicable to the country you are targeting and should be in a format appropriate to that country (incorrectly formatted phone numbers may not work correctly).

Premium numbers are not allowed: Premium numbers that incur additional charges are absolutely forbidden. However, you may use shared cost numbers which will be accompanied by a disclaimer stating that there may be additional charges.

Vanity Numbers Prohibited: Phone numbers that have letters in them are not allowed.

Phone numbers must have voicemail: Call extension phone numbers must have working voicemail or provide some other method of always being able to connect to your business.

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