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Driving Sales With Pay Per Click Marketing

By combining the power of pay per click markeing systems such as Adwords with web analytics and the lessons learned from successful sales experience, Swascorp Limited is able to provide a paid search marketing campaign design and management service that focuses on conversions – we don’t just deliver highly targeted visitors to your site; we make sure they convert to profitable sales and leads.

Whether designing a campaign from scratch or managing an existing one, our service begins with an assessment of your products and/or services, goals, budget, website, targeting options and competitor activity. We use this and any other relevant information to develop account structure and to determine, for example, the best keyword, advert and landing page combinations to use in your campaigns. In this way we ensure that your ads are only shown to the most relevant audience.

The pay per click campaign management process involves monitoring your account and making appropriate adjustments so that your goals are met or exceeded. We will continually look for ways to refine your campaigns so that your return on investment is as high as possible. We will also set up appropriate reporting mechanisms so that we can clearly show you how your account is performing.

As part of the ongoing management process, Swascorp uses advanced tracking software to record conversions (sales, leads etc.). In addition, we use web analytics to understand how visitors interact with your site, ensuring that they are navigating it in a way that would lead to a sale or other conversion. (It’s one thing to bring visitors to your site, but we also need to make sure they interact with the site in someway and not just click away immeadiately). Conversion tracking and analytics data allows us to make additional adjustnents to further enhance campaign performance.

At Swascorp we are committed to providing a “total service” to all our clients, irrespective of company size or advertising budget. We will not place limits on, for example, the numbers of keywords or ad text that can be used in your account. To avoid conflicts of interest, and to ensure that you get the most out of your advertising budget, we will not work with clients who have directly competing products or services.

To conclude, we offer a highly measurable, conversion focused, full pay per click campaign design and managenent service where the performance of your campaigns can be demonstrated in detail. We take care of all aspects of your paid search marketing campaigns, allowing you to devote more time to other core areas of your business.

To summarise, the key features of our approach involve:

  • Consultation to determine advertising goals, target audiences and budgets.
  • Assessing website structure and content and reviewing competitor activity
  • Full keyword reseach to ensure that your account has the most relevant terms
  • Modifying or creating an account and seeking your approval before implimentation
  • Setting up conversion tracking and web analytics
  • Monitoring your account to ensure that your goals are met or exceeded
  • Providing monthly reports so that performance can be demonstrated