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The Value Of Mobile To Business

The rise of the smartphone has had a dramatic impact on the way business is carried out. Mobile searchers now make a range of decisions using their phones. These decisions result in phone calls to business, app downloads or a visit to a physical store. In fact, a recent study by Google and Nielsen has shown that 3 out 10 mobile searches result in some form of conversion (phone call, purhase etc).

In its attempts to incorporate the rapid developments in mobile into the Adwords system the Adwords team have just announced that they will be launcing the Full Value Of Mobile Initiative which contains a range of tools to help marketers better plan and understand their mobile strategies. Specifically, The Initiative provides the following resources:

    • A calculator tool
    • Mobile path conversion videos
    • Successful mobile strategy case studies
    • Measurement tips

    The Full Value of Mobile Calculator features equations and benchmarks that allow you to estimate the value of mobile driven events (phone call, app downloads etc.) to your business. The estimate is available via a 30 minute step by step guide that makes use of your Adwords and mobile site data. The key parameters that the calculator estimate generates, across all mobile paths (not just your mobile website) are:

      • Total value driven by mobile
      • Value per click of mobile
      • ROI of mobile
      • The cost-effectiveness of your mobile CPAs

      Mobile searches are becoming increasingly important and understanding mobile pathways gives a greater insight into the value of mobile to your business and to the value of digital as a whole.

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