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ValueTrack Parameters For Enhanced Campaigns.

Following on from the launch of Enhanced Campaigns the Adwords team have announced that they will be updating their range of ValueTrack parameters. These additions will be made to enable advertisers to direct traffic to device dependent landing pages and to help them measure campaign performance based on device type.

A new parameter called {ifnotmobile:[value]} will be added. When a user clicks an ad from a tablet or computer the text used in place of [value] will show in the URL.

A change will also be made to the existing {ifmobile:[value]} parameter. In this case, the text specified in [value] will only show in the URL if an ad is clicked from a mobile device.

The following scenario shows how the above parameters can be used to direct traffic to device dependent landing pages.

Suppose you had a keyword, productone, which you wanted to direct to a page called if a user clicks from a mobile device and a page called if a user clicks from a desktop or tablet. This could be achieved by setting the destination url of the keyword to:


Also, if you wanted to track performance by device for a keyword that has different keyword ids for desktops & tablets and for mobiles, your keyword destinatiin URL would look something like (using productone as the keyword with p11 as the id for desktops and tablets and p12 as the id for mobile devices)


Here, a click from a desktop or tablet will generate a url of,

whereas a click on an ad from a mobile device will produce a URL of, kwid=p12

Incidentally, the current {device} parameter is suitable for tracking by device in most circumstances, but in the case of different keyword ids the above process is preferable.

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