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What Is The Google Analytics Social Data Hub

The Google Analytics social data hub allows social networks/platforms to integrate their activity with Google Analytics.

Specifically, the hub enables:

    • the visibility of social netwoks to marketeers, analysts and other bodies that use Google Analytics
    • the promotion of a true picture of the social media landscape by the inclusion of activity data from a range of major social networks
    • the advanced measurement of social media activity

    To use the social data hub, potential applicants must:

      • operate a social network/platform
      • own data and/or be legally able to share their social data with Google.

      At present the social data hub is used by Digg, Google+, Reddit, Blogger and other notable networks.

      It should be noted that the hub is not intended to be used by individual website owners to track social activity on their own sites. If this is the objective then webmasters should consider using Social Plug-in Analytics.

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