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Make Keywords Changes At Scale With Adwords Keyword Bulk Uploads

Ever wished you could make bulk keyword changes to your Adwords account directly from your keyword performance reports? Then read on.

The Adwords team recently announced the launch of keyword bulk uploads: a new feature that allows you to easily make large scale changes to the keywords in your Adwords account.

With bulk uploads you can make edits to downloaded keyword performance reports and then upload the changes to your Adwords account.

To use keyword bulk uploads, simply place a check in a new box labled Editable? which you will find on the usual download reports page. Once you have checked this box and clicked create, an editable version of the keyword report will be downloaded. You can then edit the report and use standard spreadsheet functions to make changes to parameters such as Max. CPC e.g. increasing a selected group of keyword Max. CPCs by a certain percentage.

Once changes have been made, save the report in csv, tsv or excel format and then upload to Adwords using the Uploads tab. This tab can be found under the “Reports and Uploads” section in the Reports left hand navigation panel.

One final point. Changes submitted via keyword bulk uploads can not be cancelled or reversed automatically so it’s probably a good idea to make a backup of the original downloaded report data just in case you need to roll things back.

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