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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Google Analytics Real-Time Reporting: See What’s Happening On Your Site Right Now

Google has just launched a set of reports in Google Analytics that allow you to see what is happening on your site in real-time. The reports, called Google Analytics Real-Time reports, are available to account administrators in the new version of Google Analytics and are currently located under the Dashboard tab (this location will change […]

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Google Analytics Premium Launched

Google has just announced the launch of Google Analytics Premium, a new version of analytics designed to address the specific needs of larger advertisers. Google Analytics Premium comes with a set of advanced tools which allow for far more effective data modelling and boasts extra processing power for handling larger data sets and greater numbers […]

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The +1 Button And Using Adwords To Boost Your +1 Count And Conversions

One way of boosting online conversions is to get people to recommend your site to their contacts. This can be achieved via the Google +1 button. The Google +1 button allows people to recommend content as they surf the web. The button can appear next to organic search results, search ads, Google Display Network ads […]

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Measuring Website Performance With Google Analytics Site Speed Reports

Page load times can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your site. Very long page load times can be detrimental to your site’s conversion rate. To help webmasters improve site speeds, Google Analytics recently released the Site Speed Analytics report. The Site Speed report allows you to diagnose potential page speed problems at […]

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Track Ad Positions With Adwords ValueTrack

AdWords ValueTrack is now able to provide information about the position of your ad with the {adpostion} parameter. To use the parameter simply ad it to your destination URL as shown in the following example: For a website called the destination URL of your ad would be something like{adposition} When your ad receives […]

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Adwords Top Of Page Bid Estimates

In addition to first page bid estimates, AdWords now allows you to view an estimate of the CPC required for your ads to appear regularly above search results via the new Top Of Page bid estimate metric. The estimates can be viewed by navigating to the keywords tab in your account and clicking the columns […]

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Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Google Analytics recently introduced Multi-Channel Funnels which allow you to view the full path to an online conversion over a 30 day period. This is a significant enhancement over standard reports which only attribute a conversion to the last click on your ad or link. Multi-Channel Funnels consist of five reports that provide valuable insights […]

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Boost Conversions With Adwords Conversion Optimizer

AdWords Conversion Optimizer uses historical Conversion Tracking data to increase conversions more cost effectively. With Conversion Optimizer you set a maximum cost per acquisition (CPA) which is is the maximum your willing to pay per conversion or a target CPA which is the average amount you’d like to pay per conversion.  Conversion Optimizer then automatically […]

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What Consumers Do Before Purchasing Online

A recent whitepaper by Google and Nielson into online consumer purchasing behaviour across a range of sectors gives some valuable insights into what people do before they make an actual purchase. The report tries to shed light on areas such as the how long people spend researching a product and how they use search during […]

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