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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Adwords Introduces Bid Per Call

At Swascorp we’re constantly looking for ways to get the most out of Adwords campaigns in terms of profitable sales and leads. To do this we use the full range of targeting, bidding, tracking and reporting features available within Adwords in conjunction with Google Analytics. Recently Adwords announced that they would be introducing a new […]

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Google Analytics Now Incorporates Webmaster Tools

Following a trial to allow people to view Webmaster Tools search data in Google Analytics, Google has announced that the data will now be available to all Analytics accounts. By linking Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, marketers will now be able to access a Webmaster Tools section from their Analytics dashboard.  The Webmaster Tools data […]

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Adwords Quality Score Enhancements

As part of its continued efforts to provide the most relevant results to users, Google has announced improvents to the way it calculates Adwords quality scores. From now on, greater weight will be given to landing page quality and relevance when determining quality scores and ad rank. The changes, which were initially trialed in countries […]

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