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Google Universal Analytics In Public Beta

Great News! Following the limited release of the beta version of Universal Analytics in October 2012, Google have just announced that the beta will be available to all Google Analytics customers.

Amongst the many advanced features that Universal Analytics offers, the key benefits to business are:

    • A better understanding of interactions with your business across multiple devices.
    • Greater insights into mobile app performance.
    • Using online and offline interaction data to better understand which advertising channels generate the most favourable results. This information can be used to improve lead generation and ROI.
    • Reducing client side demands thereby improving latency.

    If your creating a new Google Analytics account Universal Analytics will be available during setup. If you already have an analytics account, you have to create a new web property to use Universal Analytics.

    Google Tag Manager also has a Universal Analytics template that allows you to enable new analytics features without altering already hard-coded website tags.

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